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Assembly Fitter

Position- Assembly Fitter,

Qualification- ITI,

Experience- 1 to 2 Years,

Salary- 15 to 18000/month

Location- Greater Noida/ Noida

Skill- Component Inspection, Assembly Process, Testing and Adjustment, Quality Control, Safety Awareness, Time Management

Job Description-

  • Possess a good understanding of mechanical systems and the ability to read and interpret technical drawings and assembly instructions.

  • Work with precision and have good hand-eye coordination to handle small parts and use various assembly tools effectively.

  • Ability to identify and solve assembly-related issues and troubleshoot problems that may arise during the process.

  • Examine and inspect individual parts and components to ensure they meet quality standards and match the specifications outlined in technical drawings or work orders.

  • Follow assembly instructions and layouts to correctly fit and assemble parts according to the prescribed sequence.

  • Conduct tests and measurements on assembled parts to verify proper alignment, fit, and functionality.

  • Identify and troubleshoot issues that may arise during the assembly process, such as mismatched parts or defects, and work to resolve them.

  • Maintain strict adherence to quality control standards to ensure that the final product meets all required specifications and safety regulations.

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