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Job Vacancy of Mould Maintenance Fitter of Injection Moulding

Position- Maintenance Fitter

Location- Noida

Salary- 25000/month

Industry- Packaging & Printing

EXP- 2 to 3 Years

Education- ITI

Skills- Maintenance, Installation, Troubleshooting of Injection Moulding machines, Tool room experience, can understand drawing

Job Description

Perform routine maintenance on injection moulds, including cleaning, polishing, and lubricating components.

Diagnose and repair mould issues such as wear, damage, or malfunctions to restore them to optimal working condition.

Make necessary adjustments or modifications to moulds to improve performance or accommodate design changes.

Identify and troubleshoot issues during the production process, providing quick and effective solutions to minimize downtime.

Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, repairs, and modifications.

Ensure proper handling, storage, and inventory management of moulds and related tooling.

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