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Job Vacancy of Injection Moulding Quality Checker of Plastic

Position - Quality Checker

Location- Noida

Salary- 25000/month

Qualification- ITI Pass

Skill - Dimensional Inspection, Knowledge of non-destructive testing methods, (SPC) techniques, analytical, Interpret technical drawings and specifications.

Job Description

Measure and verify part dimensions using tools such as calipers, micrometers, and coordinate measuring machines (CMM).

Conduct visual inspections for surface defects including scratches, sink marks, flow lines, and weld lines.

Perform tests to assess tensile strength, impact resistance, and other mechanical properties of plastic parts.

Ensure that the materials used are consistent in color, composition, and density.

Identify and document defects such as warpage, short shots, and flash.

Operate and maintain automated optical inspection (AOI) systems and 3D scanning equipment.

Continuously monitor moulding process parameters and report any deviations.

Apply statistical methods to monitor and control the production process.

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