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Job Vacancy- Fashion Designer

Position- Fashion Designer

Location- Greater Noida

Salary- 25 to 35000/month

Industry- Garments

EXP- 2-5 Years

Education- Any Graduate

Skills- Sketching and Illustration, Fabric and Material Selection, Pattern Making, Prototyping, Color and Styling, Presentations, Production Oversight

Job Discription

Brainstorming ideas and concepts for their collections.

Use their artistic skills to sketch and illustrate their design ideas.

Choose the appropriate fabrics and materials for their designs.

Create patterns, which are templates for cutting and sewing fabric pieces to create garments.

Some designers create prototypes or samples of their designs to test their ideas and make adjustments as needed.

Add unique details, embellishments, and finishing touches to their garments, such as embroidery, beading, or specialized stitching techniques.

Make decisions about color palettes, prints, and overall styling to ensure their designs align with their vision and are appealing to their target audience.

Stay informed about current fashion trends and consumer preferences.

Need to make decisions that balance creativity with financial considerations.

Present their work to industry professionals, media, and potential buyers.

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