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Job Vacancy- Ecommerce Manager

Position- Ecommerce Manager

Experience- 8 Year,

Location- Unnao (UP)

Industry- Footwear & Apparel

Salary- 50-70000/month

Education- MBA

Skills- Website Management, Product Management, Pricing and Promotion, Inventory and Order Management, Reporting, Customer Service, Vendor and Partner Management

Job Discription

Oversee the design, functionality, and performance of the company's ecommerce website, ensuring that it's user-friendly and constantly updated to meet customer needs.

Create and implement an overall ecommerce strategy.

Responsible for the selection and presentation of products on the website.

Determine pricing strategies and manage online promotions and discounts to drive sales and profitability.

Monitor and manage inventory levels, as well as the order fulfillment process to ensure efficient and accurate deliveries.

Focus on providing an excellent user experience, which includes optimizing site navigation, ensuring responsive design, and improving page load times.

Oversee digital marketing efforts, including SEO, email marketing, paid advertising, and content marketing to drive traffic to the website.

Use analytics tools to track website performance, sales, and customer behavior.

Work with third-party vendors and partners for services like payment processing, shipping, and technology solutions.

Staying informed about industry trends and competitor activities is crucial for an Ecommerce Manager to make informed decisions.

Responsible for managing the ecommerce department's budget, ensuring that marketing and operational expenses are within target.

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