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Shaper machine operator

Position- Shaper machine operator

Qualification- ITI cleared

2 to 3 years experience

Salary 21000/month

Location Greater Noida

Skill- Machine Setup, Operation, Quality Control, Tool Maintenance, safety protocols, Maintain records,

Job Discription

Set up the shaper machine by selecting appropriate cutting tools, securing the workpiece in the machine's vice or fixture, and adjusting the machine's settings such as speed, feed rate, and depth of cut.

Perform cutting operations on the workpiece using the shaper machine.

Continuously monitors the machining process to ensure that it proceeds smoothly.

Maintaining the quality of the machined parts is crucial.

Routine maintenance of the shaper machine, such as lubrication and cleaning, may also be part of the operator's duties.

Ensuring a safe working environment is paramount.

Keeping records of work orders, production quantities, and any quality control data may be required as part of the job.

Should have a good understanding of machining principles and the ability to read technical drawings.

Knowledge of cutting tools, materials, and feeds and speeds is essential.

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