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Job Vacancy- Solar Structural Designer


Location- Noida

SALARY- 50- 65000 per month

Exp- 5 to 7 years


Skills- Solar structure designing(mounting/rooftop), Solid works, Auto Cad 2d & 3d, Catia, team handling skills, good communication skill etc.

Job Description-

  • Using engineering principles and software tools to analyze loads, stresses, and other factors affecting the structure, and designing components accordingly.

  • Creating detailed drawings and plans using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software, specifying dimensions, materials, and construction methods.

  • Working closely with architects, construction managers, and other engineering professionals to ensure that the design meets project requirements and constraints.

  • Ensuring that the design adheres to relevant building codes, regulations, and industry standards to guarantee safety and legal compliance.

  • Choosing appropriate materials for construction based on structural requirements, budget constraints, and other factors.

  • Conducting site visits to assess construction progress, address any issues, and ensure that the project is being executed in accordance with the design.

  • Identifying and resolving structural issues that may arise during the design or construction phase.

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