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Job Vacancy of Assistant Garment Merchant

Position- Garment Production Merchant

Location- Greater Noida

Salary- 60000 Per Month

Experience- 5 to 8 years

Industry- Garments

Skills- Sourcing, Production Planning, Quality Control, Product Placement, Product Knowledge, Communication and Coordination, Cost Negotiation, Merchandise

Job Description

  • Garment production merchants are responsible for sourcing raw materials, such as fabric, trimmings, and accessories, from suppliers.

  • Collaborate with manufacturers to plan the production process, including determining production schedules, quantities, and deadlines based on the requirements of the buyers.

  • Oversee quality control processes to ensure that the manufactured garments meet the specified quality standards.

  • Negotiate production costs with manufacturers to obtain competitive pricing while maintaining quality standards and ensuring profitability for both parties.

  • Coordinate logistics and shipping arrangements to ensure timely delivery of finished goods to the buyers.

  • Liaison between clothing manufacturers and buyers, facilitating communication and resolving any issues or concerns that may arise during the production process.

  • Stay informed about market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive pricing to identify opportunities for new business and optimize production strategies.

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