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Job Vacancy- Mercedes Car Driver

Position-Mercedes S-Class Car Driver

Location- Chhatarpur, New Delhi

Salary- 20000 to 30000 pm

Exp- 7+Years

Skills- Driving, Car maintenance, technical details, knowledge of traffic rules and regulations, understanding road signs, and being able to navigate various road conditions.

Job Discription

Follow all traffic laws, avoid distracted driving (e.g., texting while driving), and use safety equipment such as seat belts and child safety seats when necessary.

Regular maintenance tasks include checking oil levels, tire pressure, brakes, and other essential systems to ensure the car is safe and in good working condition.

Able to plan routes and use navigation tools like GPS systems or smartphone apps to reach their destinations efficiently.

Courteous behavior on the road, such as using turn signals, yielding the right of way, and refraining from aggressive driving, is essential for safety and maintaining a positive driving environment.

Aware of the environmental impact of driving, such as fuel efficiency and emissions, and adopting eco-friendly driving habits can be important.

Should know how to respond to emergencies, such as accidents or breakdowns, and carry necessary items like a first-aid kit, warning triangles, and contact information for roadside assistance.

Adhere to all traffic laws and regulations.

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