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Job Vacancy

Position- Sheet Metal Fitter


Location- Noida

Industry-Heavy Manufacturing

Education- ITI or equivalent.

Skills- fabrication, assembly, installation, maintenance of sheet metal components and structures, blueprint reading, layout techniques, fabrication methods, welding.

Job Discription

  • Experience in Drilling, Boring, Taping and can understand machine drawing. Interpret technical drawings, blueprints, and specifications to understand the requirements of the project.

  • Measure, mark, and cut sheet metal materials to the required size and shape. Scribing, marking, and template creation, sheet metal fitters lay out the patterns on the sheet metal surfaces.

  • Assemble the fabricated parts using techniques like welding, soldering, brazing, riveting, or adhesive bonding.

  • Install the fabricated components, such as ductwork, ventilation systems, or architectural metalwork.

  • Perform finishing operations on the fabricated components, such as sanding, grinding, deburring, or polishing, to achieve smooth surfaces and remove sharp edges.

  • Identifying and fixing leaks, replacing damaged parts, or performing modifications to meet changing requirements.

  • Follow proper handling and storage practices for materials, and maintain clean and organized work areas.

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